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Home Automation with Alexa and Google Assistant

Light Switch On and OFF with Blync and Alexa (Work in Progress) The Idea is to create a modular switch system which can be used by end consumer to automate their Home lights whether 3, 5 or 7 lights, just by connecting our modular switch system and adding their own wifi ssid and password. Currently everything is hard coded in the nodemcu, while we need dynamic wifi password system. We are looking for a way to take it to the consumer in the simplest way possible.

NODE MCU and Relay

Instead of using Arduino boards which require extra wifi shield Sunny decided to use WEMOS d1 8266. Later realized even Node MCU 8266 is better than wemos as it is compact in size with inbuilt WiFi.

Setting up with blynk - a single light

Automated and hard coded the node mcu with Blynk Code. By pressing the button in Blynk App we can control switching on and off of the light

Setting up with Alexa - a single light

Automated with Alexa and IFTTT. Just by voice control we can switch on and off the light, provided the WIFI is working.

Setting up Alexa with 4 Lights

Using all 4 pins of the relay to control 4 lights with Alexa individually. The circuit is such that even if nodemcu is not powered or wifi is not working, the lights still are switched on if the switches are in switch on mode.

Switching on/ off the lights randomly with Alexa

Here trying to randomly switch on and off the lights with Alexa.

Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant as well as Alexa to control light.


Adding switches to control lights manually.


If we remove the node mcu power, the bulbs should still work.


Once the power is removed from the nodemcu, both bulbs glow and can be controlled manually by the switches