New Game Art Pack Available

New Game Art Pack Available

New Game Art Pack AvailableNew Game Art Pack AvailableNew Game Art Pack Available

Treasure chest with 12 different views rendered in 3D.


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Inspiration for Painting


 Sunny enjoys depicting different aspects in his paintings - from modern art, digital background to abstract and nature. His paintings have hidden messages and the meaning completely depends on the eye of the beholder. 

Painting Medium


 Sunny uses many different mediums, such as oil, acrylics, and pastels and even digital painting. He believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to his artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style. 

Reproduction Prints Available


All paintings are available as Limited Edition Reproduction prints. For those who cannot buy the paintings or have missed the opportunity to buy before it was sold, can still enjoy the beautiful reproductions of the original painting at a much lower price.

Internet of things Devices and electronic gadgets

IOT (Internet of Things)


Sunny continuously dabbles with electronics and Arduino boards to create gadgets  and Internet of Things Devices.

Practical Learning


Learning through Online tutorials, Sunny practices electronics using Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Node MCU and other micro controllers.  He has done courses on electronics and IOT through and similar sites.

Tons of Gadgets


Whether it is Robots, Drones, Sensors, Home Automation Devices, Sunny practices building new and innovative devices in attempt to take the final product to the consumer. Not all meet the end but the idea is to make them available to the consumers and create some kind of practical utility.

Other works


Re Usable Stickers

Sunny designs reusable stickers for Gadgets. These can be easily removed and re-applied from any clean surface, without leaving residue or gum and can be re used 99 times. These can be easily bought from sister sites like


Game Packs

Sunny has designed about hundred Game Art Packs for use in Video Game Designs. These can be bought from sites like


Video Commercials

Sunny creates 3D animated Video Ads using software like Blender and iClone.  These can be found on youtube. You can always contact Sunny if you require your own small 30-60 seconds video commercial.


As Sunny creates paintings and IOT gadgets he writes blog posts on the whole creation process.